LilyAshes Emporium

As I have done before, I am once again campaigning for a GoFundMe page at ! Please help me support my best friend and her family while her little boy fights Leukemia ALL!!! All purchases are going toward this account until further noitce.
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LilyAshes Emporium encompasses handmade home decor ornaments and hair accessories made in the Japanese style, known as kanzashi. With a smattering of elegant fabrics, glittering details, beautiful creations come alive for your space, or your self.

Ornaments are made by layering fabrics and pinning them in place one after another, in a particular pattern to create an elegant design great for hanging. From a knob, tucked into a wreath, or on a tree, these pieces are noticed in any home!

Kanzashi Accessories are made from chirimen rayon, made from varying sizes of square fabric pieces, pinched and folded into petals, and adhered to a surface for wearing. These decorative pieces are real conversation starters! I create elaborate pieces in the Traditional Japanese style, with metal dangles and falling petals to small barrettes and clips. Also make great gifts!

Other gems pop up from time to time, from hand stitched embroidery to temari to origami to top hats to who knows what next!

Please keep in mind I am merely a one person shop, every piece is created by me personally! Custom orders do take time depending on the complexity or quantity of your order. Certain pieces can take up to a month to complete! Please keep this in mind when you request a custom order.

Thank you for all who donated to Elizabeth's Medical Fund! Together we raised $850! Donations are now closed at Elizabeth's request! She is now considered cancer free!!!!!!!

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